Group Booking just got easier…
and affordable

About booqio

We've just built a booking engine and business model that will forever change the event industry.

booqio is a trusted group booking engine and event registration system that makes it easier and cheaper for groups to book event accommodations around the world – online ​​or from a mobile phone or tablet.

We took specific instructions from CVB and DMO executives and built a world-class system that monetizes group bookings and registrations while providing top-notch customer service. The result? More money in your hands, and more people at your event.

Why use booqio?

Hang onto whats's yours – profits

For years, you’ve been paying online group booking engines because that’s what the industry said to do. With booqio, you have the power to take back the financial benefits of group booking and registration, plan events on your terms, and retain more money in the process.

  • Zero. Zip. Nada. Zilch.

    We’ve removed every barrier we can think of, including mandatory set up costs. We’re not kidding. We’ve even built in a way for you to make your money back as your sales volume rises. You’re welcome.

  • Everybody wins!

    More money coming into your event and lower fees for hotel and event partners means affordable options, and a bigger profit all around. Pretty sweet, huh?

  • Do double-duty.

    Dual-purpose system handles event registration, room reservations, or both simultaneously.

  • Book it on the go.

    Mobile-optimized reservations and registrations for each event make it easy to book from a phone or tablet.

  • Fewer hoops mean fewer holes.

    Simplified event management and room block administration cuts out those pesky middlemen.

  • Intuitive design.

    A well-designed user interface makes the process easy for end users and administrative users alike.

  • You’ve got options.

    A simplified booking process lets you choose between single and multiple-occupancy rooms.

  • Increased accountability.

    Organizations control the processing and intake of funds until the time of check-in. Hotels take the reins from there.

  • Make your time count.

    With hotels and events managing their own listings and information, say goodbye to unnecessary labor and data entry costs.

  • Contact us anytime.

    Online, e-mail and phone support included.

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