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Young people get pleasure from reading with Booqio!

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This is how we get young people to read!

Stimulates reading

Because students share book reviews in a central place, they are more quickly motivated and inspired  to read more.

Makes confident

Many people find it difficult to give a presentation. The informal vlogs teach students to think about their story and how they can convey this powerfully in a presentation.

Connects young people

Booqio turns reading into a social activity. 

Young people and reading: everyone knows that motivation is hard to find. The situation is serious; a quarter of young people is not sufficiently literate, and the number of effective methods to stimulate reading behavior is painfully lagging behind. While being able to read well is a must to function optimally in our society.

But reading does so much more! By reading you learn to empathize with others; useful in a time dominated by social media where meaning and emotion can be interpreted differently in short messages. In addition, reading promotes the development and development of young people and their personal growth. It strengthens concentration, reduces stress and stimulates curiosity.

That is why there is now Booqio: a contemporary, supplementary education program in which young people motivate each other to read books. They exchange their reading experiences and stimulate each other through short vlogs in the Booqio app. The educational institution and teacher are in control and can closely monitor the progress of each student.

Booqio originated from practice

Booqio was created by the interaction between teachers and students. A number of people directly involved, a team of colleagues and teachers of Dutch at various (V)MBO schools, developed Booqio, an interactive digital platform that stimulates reading books. The power of inspiration and in a safe environment, without being judged or judged by other young people!

Compare the results between the different classes at school

Booqio app

Through the app, the students discover collectively and individually that reading books is not a nasty duty or secret hobby, but rather a lot of fun and social. In short vlogs the students can inspire each other.

Students are inspired by classmates' vlogs and books

The entire book list in 1 app

Booqio supports teaching programs at all levels.

Reading plays an important role in any curriculum and at any age. Booqio can be used from the lowest groups, so that the students get the pleasure of reading from an early age. 

Booqio in Primary Education

Learning to read is one of the most important tasks in primary education.

The intuitive Booqio app makes it possible for even these young children to support reading in the classroom and at home.

Booqio at Secondary Education

Here is profit to be made! With the students in this age group  books compete with all the social media that demands the attention of young people. So for this group we should pay extra attention to the utility that offers reading books.

Booqio in Vocational Education

Booqio can be used for different subjects. This is possible for all language lessons, but also for praktijkreken  students can share their books via Booqio.

Easily retrieve the book data

Booqio has a direct link to the ISBN database, which makes it easy to retrieve all book data.

Personalized Booqio environment

Booqio can be completely to the taste of the students. With different backgrounds colors.

Hassle free pause 

A digital bookmark indicates where the student has left off in the book. With this, the teacher also follows the progress.

more new features

Booqio is continuously developing and new services and updates will follow shortly.

Teacher Dashboard

Each teacher has access to the environment in which his or her students place the books and vlogs. 
This makes it possible to monitor the books being read and their progress. In addition, the vlogs can be rated.

All book results per student at a glance!

Easily add students via file

Students see their progress compared to other classes

The school is in control!

Booqio can be configured by the school itself. This includes: classes, teachers, subjects, genres and access to the vlogs.

The vlogs made can be shielded at school, class and student level

Booqio is suitable for all teaching programs

Scale subscriptions

Get started right away with Booqio!

Booqio is a secure cloud solution for educational institutions. After registering with Booqio, the teacher/admin receives access to the platform, after which the app can be used immediately.

Contact us

Booqio supports schools and young people with innovative and digital solutions to motivate reading of young people. Would you like to get to know us better and/or develop a new idea together with us? please contact us. See you soon!

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  • Can I use Booqio in our curriculum?
    Booqio is a handy app and fits perfectly into the different teaching programs. For example, the app is used for the Dutch course, but also for the English, German and French courses. We only have 1 goal: to inspire and motivate young people to read (more) above all.
  • Why should the young people make a vlog?
    Vlogging is one of the most popular ways to tell your story. We have noticed that young people especially find it more fun and easier to tell a story through a camera than to write it down. And... a picture is worth a 1000 words.
  • Would you like to share experience and knowledge with Booqio?
    We are open to all suggestions, criticism, feedback and cooperation. As a team we are passionate and we see the result when young people start to read more and that is our only goal.

Contact us

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